May 24th, 2009 by Dave Piersall

8 Reasons Why A Musical Artist Needs Their Own Website

daves-picture2Lately I have had a lot of people throw out opinions about whether a serious musical artist needs their own website.    They say is just fine but what is the truth?  There is some truth to that statement and some things they all overlooked.    In this post I will take on this subject head to head.

fergie1. Famous Artists Have Their Own Website

So if it is not really all that important why do all the artists you listen to have their own websites?  I will tell you why it is because a marketing executive somewhere tells them they need it to seriously be successful online.   They have Myspace pages too and they are just to support their own site.  Here are some you can check out.  Fergie,   John MayerEric Clapton.   They don’t have these sites for nothing believe me they promote themselves there and you should e doing it too.

website-picture2. Your Own Site Offers More Freedom

A personal website offers so much more freedom than alone like layout ability, domain name control, Ability to have multiple Blog Writers, More advanced music sales pages, Sidebar layout control, and so much more.   A lot of these things cannot be accomplished with Myspace as someone else is holding the keys to your kingdom.  Get creative and make a splash with your own site

online-marketing3. Artist Name And Band Name Marketing

You can choose a domain name that represents your band or artist name that is not  A site can be used to sell yourself and it is not that you cannot do that with Myspace only the fact that it can be done better on your own site.    Brand name development is key to an artist being a household name.

online-community4. Ability To Create A Musician Community

With your own site you can create a musician community to get opinions on your music, get a feel for what those buying music are interested in, and creating an artist community that is all surrounded around your site and artist name.   Facebook has done a pretty successful job of creating a community like this.

affiliate-program5. Affiliate Programs

Think this is not important or don’t believe in these programs?  You should as there are Bloggers out there making $10,000 a month through affiliate programs.   There are many music related companies like Taylor Guitars, Gibson, Guitar Center, iTunes, and so many more that you can access to make money.   Think doing this is selling out?  If you can get some traffic coming to your site and make some money off affiliate program ads that your readers actually want to buy  from anyway what about that could e selling out?  Lets face it you can use those earnings to finance recording, tour expenses, and so much more.   Can you do that on Myspace?  No!    Guess what,  Myspace puts ads up on your page and makes money off you anyway so that sort of ruins the selling out thery.

fans-in-crowd-picture36. You Can Give Back To Your Fans With Your Own Site

What do I mean by this?  You can write Blog posts about topics, your tour, or anything they might find interesting.  How about filling some other artists in on what is working for you?   Building a fan base is about showing them how much you care about them and showing them what your all about too.  You can do that pretty easlily through writing a Blog on your site.

myspace7.  Myspace Has More Music Artists Than Potential Fans

Lets face it you are after fans and whether you want to believe it or not other bands are not going to follow your band for the most part and will not be buying your music.  They are doing the same thing you are requesting friends that they really don’t care about at least a lot of them and they ignore most of what you send them just like you do.  How is any of this going to help you?   If you can get 10 real people coming to your site seeing content they have interest in and reading your Blogs that is better than 50 other bands accepting your friend requests on Myspace.

band-tour-bus-picture38. You’re Taken More Seriously By Record Executives

What I mean is if you can show an A & R Rep or Music Executive you have 300 poeple that come to your site a day and have sold 10,000 downloads of a song and have comments from fans do you think they will take notice?  Of course they will.  Can you track these things at Myspace?  No.    You can choose whether to get out of your own way or to be the brick wall between you and your success it is your choice.

Until next time as always I wish you luck on all your musical endeavors

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