Mar 7th, 2009 by Dave Piersall

About us

Euphony Productions core mission is to showcase the co written songs created by Euphony Productions CEO, Thomas Vail, and  VP, David Piersall as well as the works of other amazing artists.  Euphony Productions will also provide fresh topics presented in weekly Blogs on every facet of the music industry.


David Piersall VP, Euphony Productions

Where did we come from?

Both Thomas and Dave had big ideas and dreams of hitting it big from the time they were kids to the present day.   Both had written hundreds of songs and were always told by friends and family  “These songs are really good why aren’t you famous?” Well that was what they were always asking themselves too.

The truth was.

1.  They sold themselves on the fairly tale  “It is not what you know it is who you know” That guided their misled destinies and provided a lot of good excuses but did not get them anywhere.

2.  They were too caught up in living, and partying like hundreds of other musicians who can surely relate.    They took respectable well paying jobs,  got married, and raised great families.    Some great things came out of all of this just not the music career they always craved.

So what now?

Today they are in their 40’s plus and know they cannot have that rock star life anymore,  but what is stopping them from using all the Internet, and Online marketing has to offer to showcase their music and share the ideas of other musicians through well thought out Blogs?   The answer was nothing so  Euphony Productions was born.

The Writers

Bill Piersall,  past CEO of  “In the Mix”  magazine is one of  Euphony Productions Blog authors called…  “In the Mix”. He brings a lot to the table as he has interviewed top music producers,  studio owners and engineers,  entertainment lawyers,  and is a fellow long time musician himself.

euphony-productions-jeff-anthony-photo-for-blog Jeff Anthony, will be writing a Blog in the months to come focusing on singing techniques and sharing the knowledge he has learned through 20 years of vocally fronting various bands, and countless paid studio sessions.   He is the singer in all of Dave’s material and has a fresh approach with talent we would call in the neighborhood of Paul Rogers of   “Bad Company”.

euphony-productions-photo-chris-morrow1Chris Morrow,  will also be writing a Blog on the Chicago music scene called “The new beat”    He is a pro caliber percussionist who has played in many of Dave’s songs throughout the years.  He has an eccentric personality and will surely bring some needed flare to our site.

Euphony Productions a new way of looking at music.

Euphony Productions Presents

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