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Dear Diary Part One

liz-o-picture2 [1]Life As A Young Musician

What singer/songwriter doesn’t have a unique beginning story?  Mine is a not so common tale of a young girl full of dreams who has not found her pot of gold yet but at least discovered a beautiful  rainbow at the end.   I do have a story like a lot of you might too and mine goes a little something like this.

female-vocalist1 [2]My First Song

I wrote my first song; well it was actually a poem, about my two best friends at the time as well as my sister.  As I wrote it, I subconsciously put a melody to it and before I knew it, it had a hook, a chorus, three verses, and a message!  It was amazing to me and since then I have written close to 300 songs.  Now even though I was only eleven years old, I knew that ordinary people did not just turn poems into full-blown songs.  It was a talent that I knew I had to explore so I started my recording career by looking in the yellow pages for a producer.

support [3]Thanks Goodness For My Parents Support

It was a long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday sitting on my floor and opening up that big yellow book call the Yellow Pages and telling my mother, at age 14, “You know all of those songs that I sing to you every night?  Well I want to start recording them.”  Now a child that pulls out a phone book one day as I did and recommends that they record some lyrics they wrote to their parents will more than likely be brushed off.  That is what most would think and do but because my parents did not brush it off as a child’s silly little dream, I was able to step into my destiny.

recording-studio1 [4]My First Time In A Real Studio

Now I may not have known it at the time but it stuck with me through today.  I walked into my first studio wide eyed and full of dreams and walked out with both parents by my side and a little cassette with my very own voice on it.  Never mind that it had no music on it as I was more than excited and did not even think about the no music part at the time.  My Parents called me a superstar and it felt amazing and was such an ego boost.  I think all parents should support their children’s dreams providing they are empowering ones.

looking-back [5]Looking Back

It really boggles my mind to think sometimes of where I am today compared to where I started a 14 year-old girl with a cassette tape with my first song “To Be Your Girl” on it.  I also wonder where I would be now if it were not for my Parents supporting me way back at age 14.  Now although it was an amazing experience, the road was not always as easy as it was being a 14 year-old singer/songwriter with supportive Parents.  It taught me one thing and now it is my turn to teach that lesson to all of you 14 year-old boys and girls out there too.   If you have a passion for music, I mean a true calling,
DO NOT GIVE UP no matter what anyone says!  That desire is in you for a
reason so let it grow and become a fire inside you that could never die.

determinination-picture1 [6]Every Experience In Life Is A Opportunity to Grow

I did not understand a lot of things when I sacrificed every Saturday from age 14-15 in the studio for hours at a time recording, practicing, and playing piano for hours on end.  I see it a lot more clearly now and in fact, it’s crystal clear. Everything that you do leads up to and prepares you for your destiny and your dreams.  So if you are the one that goes to nightclubs and sings with or without pay, keep doing it.  If you are the one who takes the expensive vocal lessons because you have a feeling it will benefit you in the future in some way, do it.  If you are the one that writes the unconventional but poignant lyrics, go ahead and continue doing it because no one was meant to express those feelings inside you like you will.

In closing I share my first song I ever recorded with you all called “To Be Your Girl” written at age 14 thanks to the love and support of my Parents.

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As always keep up the dream and don’t let ANYONE talk you out of it.

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