May 17th, 2009 by Liz O

One Female Music Artists Struggle

liz-o-picture1Chicago Artists

I believe that Chicago is home to some of the greatest musicians that we will ever know.  With movers and shakers like Kanye West, Chaka Khan, R.Kelly, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Disturbed, Smashing Pumpkins, Fall Out Boy, Jennifer Hudson,  and The Academy Is just to name a few,  we do not lack in talent.  But with that said, it seems to me that it is a lot harder to break out into the Chicago music scene than it is in other thriving music cities such as New York,  Los Angeles, or Atlanta.

chicago-musicians2The Frustration

I have been in the music scene for eleven years, and have done everything that a hard working artist should do when it comes to seriously pursuing their career. From doing everything from TAXI to performing at clubs and events, to calling record companies myself, I have tried it all.   Success to me does not come without a burden and a price.  But this is relevant to all musicians.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love my city and I love everything that it has to offer, but it seems like in order for an musician to break into the big music scene, they have to go out of state to get discovered, THEN come back to Chicago and in a way, show them what they have done to make them proud.

chicago-picture2So Does A Female Music Artists Have to Leave Chicago To Make It?

Music is an art, a passion, a culture of its own.  And to me, Liz O, Chicago has bred and continues to produce some of the world’s best talent.  It does inspire me a little bit more that I as a female artist come from a very prominent and talented city, but with the inspiration comes the realization that I have to work a little harder to get my voice out there.  I have a friend that is aspiring to do the same thing in New York City and it seems that she has better luck.  Living in a city like New York City, you are SURROUNDED by music venues that can open up the door to your dreams.  So for me, as a Chicago female artist, I am going to continue to do everything I can to get into the business and exhaust all the resources that I have in Chicago before I venture out to other cities.

original2Originality Is Everything

I will say that one thing that helps me is being different.  I mean how many R&B artists are out there today?  Many.  But how many R&B/Neo-Soul/Pop artists are out there today?  Not too many.  You have to make yourself different from the mainstream.  The other day I saw a group on MTV that had all their instruments made out of washing supplies like an old school wash board, a bucket, and a banjo, but they were jamming! So the key is to establish yourself as an individual and not just another singer within the genre that you fall into.  I love Chicago, I love the inspiration that it gives me for my work, and I hope that all of you Chicago artists continue to work hard because your dreams will come true.

Until next time I wish all my fellow music artists all the best,

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