Aug 4th, 2010 by Liz O

Sell Out or Being Smart

liz-o-picture1Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a true artists that can shatter the charts, warm hearts, and bring in the money that we all dream about?   Have you wondered whether actually achieving all these things means an artists has to sell out musically to really hit big?     I have.

In this addition lets tackle that question the best I can.

What Is A True Artist Anyway

female-vocalistI often think about what it really means to be a true artist.  Is a true artist one that sings like an angel?  Is a true artist a musician that although cannot sing, has the ability to master the art of songwriting?  Is a successful artist an artist that knows how to sell catchy music? Is a true artist one who knows how to speak to the very depths of person’s soul?  Can one be a true artist and have all of these components.    I have always wondered if a musician could be all about the music while still maintaining mainstream success.

There Is A Choice To Be Made

inner-struggleI have always thought that you could either have one or the other.  But through molding my dreams and aspirations and studying real music, I have found that it is possible to be a successful pop, R&B/alternative and Country artist and still have a great inspiring or empathy driven message.  For me, I want it all.  I want to be recognized for my God given talent, but never conform to mainstream “crap music”.  I am not saying do not write the occasional feel good song, but I believe that music is supposed to speak truth.

Beating To Your own Drum

celine-dionI look at artist like Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, Mariah Carey, Green Day, and Shania Twain, and I see greatness.  They were still able to dominate in the mainstream while singing truth and life.  This is the type of artist that I would like to be.  I think that underground music is great and just as inspiring, but I believe that more people that you can reach and inspire, the better.  So no matter the genre of music that you write for, make sure that you can always be a “crossover\ artist”; this is an artist that stays true to their genre but can supersede musical boundaries.  This is every artist’s dream.  I believe that you when you strive for that, you become the music.  Having the guts to just be yourself if probably the hardest struggle as the end result could mean the listening audience takes you or leaves you.   Put your heart on the line and put it all in your songs because the last thing you want happening is feeling like you’ve left something on the table.

If anyone has anything to add we welcome comments here at Euphony Productions.  Tell us what you want to see and read about and we will do our best to deliver.

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